Monday, August 15, 2011

I've Found Heaven

That's right folks! I've found Marshalls! I've only been in this store a handful of times and a few weeks I went in and fell in love with many a thing. Today, I went in on a whim and found three lovely pieces, two shirts and a skirt.


I am in so much love with this skirt. I love the hippie feel of it and girly lace. And the shirt? AH! It reminds me so much of Peggy Olson, from Mad Men. She, Betty Draper and Joan Holloway are huge influences on my style right now. Joan is certainly my favorite, but I love all three.


I love this picture! I always try to get sunflares and sunspots in my photos, but it hardly ever works. I Love the way this one turned out.


I got these shoes about 2 years ago. I love them, but they are so uncomfortable, they never get worn. It's sad. But, they got worn today, so they should be happy shoes for now.

So, I dont mean to get all sappy and whatnot, but I start my Senior year in two days. Yeah, TWO days! The more and more I think about it, the more scared I get. I'm excited to start school and get it over with, but I am also very sad that it's practically over and I am really scared about what happens next. I really have absolutely no idea where this time has gone. I remember starting my Freshman year like it was yesterday. Ugh. And the waterworks start. I've gotta stop talking about this.

Have a swell night!


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fatale fille said...

love this outfit! the shoes are too cute for words <3