Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Little Post Christmas Shopping

I have recently been doing some post Christmas shopping with all of the money and gift cards that I received. I don't necessarily need anything as far as clothes and shoes are concerned, but while I was browsing around on Urban Outfitter's website, I just couldn't help myself!
I've been wanting a pair of military style boots as well as boots with heels. I found the perfect combination! I love these boots and I love that they were on sale! They were $39 as compared to the normal $68.
I've been wanting these yellow skimmers for quite some time now. Since the summer UO catalogue came out, actually. I didn't necessarily want to spend $40 on them, but tonight I couldn't help myself. It's a purchase that I am very glad that I made. :)

Just Another Day

Today was just another, boring if I might add, day. I pretty much did nothing all day except workout. Oh! I bought a few things to start making jewelry. So far , I have three necklaces. Theyre nothing more than a few pendants and chains. But hey, it's a start, right?
I'm thinking of starting an Etsy shop soon if I get a few hits on my jewelry. My favorite piece of the three that I made today is my owl necklace. I love all of the colors in it and the fact that it's all wiggley and such.
My outfit pictures today are nothing great. I waited untill too late to start taking them so the lighting was very bad. But I managed to snap a few. I like the one of me falling off of the rails the best! ;)
Outfit Details: Dress-Rue21 $4 Sweater-Old Navy $15 Boots-Maurice's $35 Belt-Thrifted $1 Hat-Walmart $5

Peace and Carrots,

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas!

Yep, today is the day. The day that we anticipate and shop for all year long. To me, it didn't actually feel like Christmas this year. It has been pretty hot here in Louisiana, until today thankfully. I love the cold weather!
I got some really great gifts yesterday and today. Did you?! Most of which were tiny, but still very thoughtful, beautiful and appreciated!My big present was actually my computer which I got as a birthday/Christmas present.

My awesome reversible scarf:) *My wonderful friendboy

My new, much needed jewelry holder *my mom and stepdad

I love my egg-ish necklace from my friendboy!

I got bug rings for Christmas! yay! *Bee from friendboy, butterfly from my parents

My sweet pea present candle from my parents. It smells so yummy!

My book of colors from my mother. I've been stealing hers for a while now, so she got me my very own:)

ANTHROPOLOGIE GIFTCARD!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love Aunts!

My wonderful, beautiful, amazing, huge (17.6 inch) HP laptop that my wonderful parents bestowed upon me!

I recieved a few more great gifts. I got an autumn scented candle and a much needed purse organizer, both of which are currently residing in my car due to my lack of motivation to move. I got a few dresses and books. I also got a good bit of money, that will be put to great use!
I hope that everyone has had an amazing day today! I know that I did! I'm so sorry for my briefness, but today has been a very long day and I MUST get to bed very soon.

Peace and Love,

(I'm thinking about making a few headbands, mostly bird ones like the one shown on my jewelry holder, and selling them on Etsy. What do ya think?)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Out and About

Oh yes, another day out on the roads. I must say, the traffic in town is CRAZY. It's practically impossible to get from place to place. I'm so ready for the hustle and bustle of the holidays to end.

I didn't have much time to take an actual outfit post today, but I was able to snap a few shots of what I wore.



I love this t-shirt dress. It's so easy to slip on and walk out and get on with my day in. The V that you see in the back is actually the front of the dress. I like to wear it backwards because I think that the V is a bit too revealing to wear normally. This dress doesn't give me much of a shape, however, unless I wear a belt with it, but today I didn't want to add anything extra. My tights were extra enough.
I just go these tights yesterday on a little shopping excursion of mine. I couldn't wait to wear them. Today I wore them with a pretty casual dress to give my outfit a little umph.



My shoes are thrifted and I've actually only worn them two or three times in the past. I had gotten these shoes with the tags still intact, so they were obviously never worn.
Love and whatnot,
P.S.- What are you guys doing for Christmas Eve?

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love a lot,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All The Pretty Tights

Ugh. Today has been...stressful. Today was quite possibly the worst day to go shopping. So many people. So little patience. The sad thing is, my mother and I have only gotten half of what we needed. So there will be yet another trip to town tonight, after the crowds have worn away.



While on my little shopping excursion, I stumbled upon some really great pairs of tights. I have been eyeing the swirly ones and the wine colored ones for quite some time now. While my mother was picking up some gifts in Dillard's, I wondered around to the tight wall. Yes, you heard me. Dillard's has an entire wall full of tights. Beautiful tights, at that. The majority of their tights are HUE, which means they're a little pricey. They range from about $14-$25. Which, personally, I find to be ridiculous. I don't know about you guys, but after I wear a pair of tights two or three times, they get many a hole. So, I'm only willing to pay $5-$7 on a pair.
However, HUE makes amazing tights. They're a bit better than most, more durable ad better quality. I found these and I couldn't pass them up. I loved the design on them and the sparkle. They were $17, and I felt a bit bad paying for them, but now that I have them, I know that I made a great decision!


New Hair

Yes, yes. I've rid myself of all that was red on my head. I'm back to being a brunette, for the first time in about three years. It was quite a transition for me but I'm really loving the outcome. It's a bit dark right now, being as I haven't washed it since I got it done. My stylist said that it should be a shade or so lighter. Which is very good, because right now, my hair is only a shade or two from being black. It's still very pretty nonetheless. I think that my new hair is much more classy than the bright red that I've been rocking for quite some time.
Red hair, you will be missed. Brown hair, You are loved.
I didn't have time to snap any good pictures this morning. I just snapped it a few minutes ago in a mirror. Now, I'm off to finish Christmas shopping! Whoot!
I'll have a new post tonight, don't worry. One that is full of pretty pictures...or at least something interesting.
Until later,

Monday, December 20, 2010

Farewell, Autumn


Yep. Today is the last day of my favorite season. No more vibrant reds, oranges and yellows will fill the trees. No more perfect weather. Nope. In a few days, hopefully weeks, the trees will be bare and the weather will be far too cold for my liking.


I've been wanting to get a few shots in front of this tree for quite sometime. Last night when I had gotten home, I had decided that today was that day. The day that I would take pretty pictures in front of my pretty tree. Well, my plans had changed. I walked outside this morning to see that almost all of the leaves on my favorite tree were gone. This was very sad for me. There were thankfully a few leaves still left on the tree to where it wasn't completely naked.





I had gotten this dress from target last summer of so. I've only worn it maybe a handful of times. I was trying to find something that would matched the colors of this tree, and it worked wonderfully. I'm well aware that my shoes, Goodwill, are slightly nautical in detail, but I'm all for mixing and matching.




I hate to see my favorite season go, but I know that she will be back again very soon to greet me with her pretty colors.
Until next time,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm Baaack!!!


Well hello there, lovely readers! I promised to be back this week, and as promised, here I am! With a pretty long post and some great new photos!
I'm finally out of school for Christmas break, thank goodness. Two weeks of nothing but sleep, shopping, and a bit more sleep. and shopping. Only the two greeatest things in the world to do! Well, for me at least. Oh! and then theres the actual Christmas part, I assume that's pretty fun too;) What are you guys doing this holiday?

Today, I was out and about with my boyfriend. After some gift shopping, we went to the garden that I had taken pictures at a few weeks ago. It was such a lovely day, why not spend it outside? While we were there, I was able to get a few, erm, A LOT of really sweet pictures. All with the help of my lovely manfriend might I add! We had a really great time running around snapping pictures together.



This huge garden had multiple animal sculptures sitting off to the sides of the walking trails. They had things like bears and gorillas. There were some cranes and even a huge pig. My favorite of all of the sculptures was the big cat that they had. Mostly because it was the only one that I could actually sit on and take a few shots!




I have been waiting SO LONG to get a shoot with this dress. It is my absolute favorite. I found it at anthropologie back in November. As you you probably have gathered, I love birds. This dress was made for me, I do believe. I love all of the different colored birds and the subtle ruffles at the neckline. I found these shoes at Kohl's a few weeks ago while I was away on a debate trip. I wasn't entirely sure was I was going to pair them with,as I don't wear a lot of brown. However, once I got them home, I realized that they matched perfectly with all of the different colors in my bird dress.





Once again, I am so very sorry for the delay in my posts. This week there will be many more posts, though. I shall do my best to post a little something for you lovely readers everyday.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Apologies!

Oh my, I am so sorry! I have been so very busy this week. It's my last week of school before my Christmas break, so I've been busy catching up on things. I've also been doing a whole bunch of shopping for my family and friends. As of right now, all of my blogging is on hold until next week. I'm sorry for not having posted any pretty things or pictures for you all to look at. I will be back very very soon, though. I promise!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dressember: I Forgot What Day This Is


Well me oh my, it has been far too long! I'm so very sorry about this. I have had many a mishap this week. I have been sick for most of the week and out of Internet connection. But I'm back!
I was able to finally go out and snap a few pictures Friday afternoon. I've finally found a good spot to take my pictures. This makes me so incredibly happy. There was only so much that I could do standing in the corner of my room.
So about this outfit...my shoes, which are one of my favorites, are vintage. As well as my glasses. My hat, which I absolutely adore, is from F21. I'm really happy that I found this hat. I really enjoy the color and the chunkiness of it. My tights are from F21 as well. My dress is actually a school dress that I had gotten at the end of the summer from Charlotte Russe. Last but certainly not least is my new ModCloth blazer. I am in absolute awe of this thing. Sadly, I forgot to get a good picture of the details of it, but it is so adorable. The background color of the blazer is actually navy, not black like the website shows. The flowers on the jacket are pink and ivory with tiny green vines. My favorite part about the blazer are the satin buttons on the sleeves.
P.S. I promise never to go this long without a post again. I'm so sorry for the delay my honies!

My new ModCloth blazer. I love it!



I love this purse! I found it at PacSun, which isn't normally a place that I would shop. I was Christmas shopping that day, and I decided to give the store a little look see. I am so very happy that I did.
All of the contents of my purse. Yeah, I travel light.