Saturday, August 13, 2011

Help Wanted!

Hi dolls! I hope you're all doing lovely and having a wonderful weekend.
I am having somewhat of a dilemma. My senior year of high school starts in just a few days and I have NO idea what to wear. I'm going to a new school, well, not really new, I haven't been there since 7th grade. But, It's not the school I've been going to for the rest of high school. I want to walk in and look awesome! In elementary and junior high I was slightly awkward. So, I want a fresh start. My goal for the year, actually it's been my goal for the past 2 years, is to get voted best dressed my senior year.
Sadly, I don't care about grades and other clubs, I care about being the best dressed. It's slightly sad. But hey, we all have our niche.

So, here is my first look, it's somewhat simple but still pretty cute. Since we have to wear uniforms, I don't have a ton of options for color, besides accessories. We have the choice of wearing navy or khaki dresses, skirts, shorts, or pants and red, white, or blue polos.

I got this dress at Tommy Hilfiger for $10. A steal, right?!

Option 2, An Urban Outfitters skirt and an Anthropologie sweater.

Option 3, A layered dress turned skirt and a pink GAP sweater. I loved this sweater so much, I got 5 more in different colors!

Option 4, My favorite of all four. An Anne Taylor high waisted skirt and a GAP sweater.

I'm sorry that I had to take these pictures inside. It is so hot outside, I can't take pictures out there. When I take my camera outside, my lens fogs up, so I have to clean it. And then the process just starts over. Ugh.

Anyways, PLEASE help me chose an outfit for my first day! It'd be so wonderful if you could.



Amy Joy said...

I love option 4. It is the classiest looking of all. Have fun!

Gabby said...

I like number 2!


Danielle V. said...

Oh, these are all lovely! I really do adore Look 4, though. That sweater is the perfect color!

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becca said...

I like option four - but maybe with the shoes from 2? the boots don't work for me, even though i see where you were going with it. also, wear 2 on the second day! I love that look. good luck! senior year was my best year of HS.

Meagan said...

I really like the first look. I think if I had those dress-code restrictions, I'd probably be wearing lots of navy and khaki dresses.

Castle Fashion said...

2 or 4. Leaning toward 4.

Hope you win :X


Hannah said...

I think there is nothing wrong with trying to be the best dressed. I loooved dressing up in high school, but sadly I was home schooled so my efforts weren't really noticed. :/

I absolutely LOVE number 2! I think it's pretty great that even though you use a dress code, you can still be so open with the designs.
These are really creative ideas, but I'm sticking with #2 as the perfect first day outfit that will hopefully get you set for your stylish senior year!