Friday, August 5, 2011

White Sand and Sea Grass


I'm home from vacation! It was a quick trip, but well worth it. I didn't go to the beach quite as much as I had anticipated, but here are a few shots from the day I did go.


This is the blue dress like the red one in my last post. I think this color suits me a whole lot better than the other. Blue is just turning into my favorite color to wear. I think that I'm turning into Summer Finn.

I absolutely love the this picture!

I am sorry that I am cutting this post short. I am about to head off to town with the man friend. Have a lovely Friday, lovelies!



Jul said...

What a lovely dress! I also adore wearing blue and light blue in summer :)

margaritats said...

so beautiful pics!!!

April, Everyday Forgotten said...

Such lovely pictures! The blue is definately my favourite too! :)

Amy Joy said...

Great pics, Meaganne. Blue is definitely a good color on you. Where did you go on vacation?

Meganne said...

@Amy Joy: I went to Biloxi, Mississippi for vacation. It's so nice and secluded there. Not anywhere near as touristy as Florida. And the beaches are just as nice!