Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guest Blogger: Castle Fashion

Hello darlings! Today is my first day of vacation! YAY! While I'm out spending my summer savings at Anthropologie, enhance your mind with this post from fellow fashion blogger, Yasmeen!

In an interview I had with Shevahh I asked her about how she defines her style. She, like many bloggers, answered, “Whenever I'm asked this question I have a hard time answering. I guess my style is a little bit of everything.” And many other bloggers agree, it’s difficult putting pinpointing exactly what makes up someone’s style. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you want to explore what informs your ensembles. What is the connecting thread between your outfits? What material and color are the clothes you find yourself gravitating toward? What parts of your body do you put emphasis on?


To help, I answered these questions myself. Often, I find myself choosing pants over skirts, loose over fitted, and dark over bright. These tendencies inform our style and thus our outfits and preferences. So, give it a try, ask yourself these questions, and see what you come up with! You might surprise yourself.

-Yasmeen of Castle Fashion

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