Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's In My Bag

I've been seeing this "What's In My Bag" trend lately on Flickr and a few other blogs. I have been meaning to do this post, and since on vacation I got a REALLY AWESOME bag, I figured now was the time to do it.
I got this bag at a FOSSIL outlet store. The bag was originally $308. The outlet store had it priced for $130. They were also having a 50% off sale, which means I got this lovely bag for $65! Mind you, this is still a nice chunk of change to put down on a bag. But as my mother says, it was an investment.
My make-up bag which houses a few of my favorites: Kat Von D lipstick, Smashbox lipstain, Mark. tinted moisturizer, and Moraccan Oil for my in-terrible-condition-hair.
My wallet which houses change and my debit card, a various assortment of rings, Dove Go Fresh deodorant, Bath Junkie Red Apple & Colombian Coffee body mist, and UO sunglasses.
My planner, camera bag (with camera inside), headphones, extra pens, and my new awesome Samsung Captivate.

I hope you all have enjoyed this up-close-and-personal look into my bag. Care to show me yours?



Slow Southern Style said...

I need to hit up the Fossil outlet in Gulfport bad! What a steal.

fatale fille said...

that's a really nice bag! <3

i am sugar-stoned. said...

That's a nice bag! Fossil bags are really durable and would last you years. And wow, you can fit a lot of stuff inside that bag! Amazing!

Here is a similar post I made:

I followed you, please do the same for me? :)


Dagmara said...

Love your bag and how everything is color coordinated haha.

xx Dagmara