Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Shoes:)

I just ordered three new pairs of shoes from Urban Originals. I am in such love!

New Shoes

My favorite pair is the glitter pair in the center. There was a pair of lace up heeled boots on Modcloth that I had wanted a while back, but I couldn't afford a $300 pair of shoes. I got these babies for $25! I'm so ready for them to come in!
If you've never been to UrbanOG, I highly suggest you run over to the site right now, and click on SALE. Their shoe selection is just amazing. There's certainly something for everyone. Let me know if you end up ordering a pair.



Castle Fashion said...

I LOVE URBAN OG :D Most of my shoes are from there!

Castle Fashion

fatale fille said...

they're soo nice! i love the white sandals :D just perfect!