Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Wishlist

It's sad to say, but I've already gotten my Christmas present this year. I'll have nothing under my tree on Christmas morning.:( I'm not complaining, though. My present was and is insanely awesome. It's my new HP laptop!
Even though I've already gotten my gift, I decided that I could still make a wish list for this year. What would it hurt? So, I threw together some of my favorites from a few websites to make my list. (Yes, I do hope my parents will see this and be generous this year;)For the most part, my list is rather small. I tried to not lust after too many beautiful things that I couldn't have.

From Anthropologie:

I love Anthropologie's coats. They're all so original and unique. Doesn't this coat remind you of winter in Russia?

I've been looking for a cape for quite some time. I also REALLY love peacocks. I fell in love instantly when I saw this one.

From TOMS:

I was totally unaware that TOMS now makes wedges. I saw these and knew that I had to have them.

I actually tried these TOMS on. They were the most comfy shoes that I think have ever been made.

From UO:

I was ordering a new bedding set from UO a while back, and as soon as I had went to purchase it, they had sold out. I found this one on their website and I think that It's absolutely adorable.

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Dana said...

Love the first jacket and the black wedges! That peacock jacket is..... well..... um....... ok... Yea I love the first one!