Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All The Pretty Tights

Ugh. Today has been...stressful. Today was quite possibly the worst day to go shopping. So many people. So little patience. The sad thing is, my mother and I have only gotten half of what we needed. So there will be yet another trip to town tonight, after the crowds have worn away.



While on my little shopping excursion, I stumbled upon some really great pairs of tights. I have been eyeing the swirly ones and the wine colored ones for quite some time now. While my mother was picking up some gifts in Dillard's, I wondered around to the tight wall. Yes, you heard me. Dillard's has an entire wall full of tights. Beautiful tights, at that. The majority of their tights are HUE, which means they're a little pricey. They range from about $14-$25. Which, personally, I find to be ridiculous. I don't know about you guys, but after I wear a pair of tights two or three times, they get many a hole. So, I'm only willing to pay $5-$7 on a pair.
However, HUE makes amazing tights. They're a bit better than most, more durable ad better quality. I found these and I couldn't pass them up. I loved the design on them and the sparkle. They were $17, and I felt a bit bad paying for them, but now that I have them, I know that I made a great decision!


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