Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas!

Yep, today is the day. The day that we anticipate and shop for all year long. To me, it didn't actually feel like Christmas this year. It has been pretty hot here in Louisiana, until today thankfully. I love the cold weather!
I got some really great gifts yesterday and today. Did you?! Most of which were tiny, but still very thoughtful, beautiful and appreciated!My big present was actually my computer which I got as a birthday/Christmas present.

My awesome reversible scarf:) *My wonderful friendboy

My new, much needed jewelry holder *my mom and stepdad

I love my egg-ish necklace from my friendboy!

I got bug rings for Christmas! yay! *Bee from friendboy, butterfly from my parents

My sweet pea present candle from my parents. It smells so yummy!

My book of colors from my mother. I've been stealing hers for a while now, so she got me my very own:)

ANTHROPOLOGIE GIFTCARD!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love Aunts!

My wonderful, beautiful, amazing, huge (17.6 inch) HP laptop that my wonderful parents bestowed upon me!

I recieved a few more great gifts. I got an autumn scented candle and a much needed purse organizer, both of which are currently residing in my car due to my lack of motivation to move. I got a few dresses and books. I also got a good bit of money, that will be put to great use!
I hope that everyone has had an amazing day today! I know that I did! I'm so sorry for my briefness, but today has been a very long day and I MUST get to bed very soon.

Peace and Love,

(I'm thinking about making a few headbands, mostly bird ones like the one shown on my jewelry holder, and selling them on Etsy. What do ya think?)

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