Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Hair

Yes, yes. I've rid myself of all that was red on my head. I'm back to being a brunette, for the first time in about three years. It was quite a transition for me but I'm really loving the outcome. It's a bit dark right now, being as I haven't washed it since I got it done. My stylist said that it should be a shade or so lighter. Which is very good, because right now, my hair is only a shade or two from being black. It's still very pretty nonetheless. I think that my new hair is much more classy than the bright red that I've been rocking for quite some time.
Red hair, you will be missed. Brown hair, You are loved.
I didn't have time to snap any good pictures this morning. I just snapped it a few minutes ago in a mirror. Now, I'm off to finish Christmas shopping! Whoot!
I'll have a new post tonight, don't worry. One that is full of pretty pictures...or at least something interesting.
Until later,

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