Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dressember: I Forgot What Day This Is


Well me oh my, it has been far too long! I'm so very sorry about this. I have had many a mishap this week. I have been sick for most of the week and out of Internet connection. But I'm back!
I was able to finally go out and snap a few pictures Friday afternoon. I've finally found a good spot to take my pictures. This makes me so incredibly happy. There was only so much that I could do standing in the corner of my room.
So about this shoes, which are one of my favorites, are vintage. As well as my glasses. My hat, which I absolutely adore, is from F21. I'm really happy that I found this hat. I really enjoy the color and the chunkiness of it. My tights are from F21 as well. My dress is actually a school dress that I had gotten at the end of the summer from Charlotte Russe. Last but certainly not least is my new ModCloth blazer. I am in absolute awe of this thing. Sadly, I forgot to get a good picture of the details of it, but it is so adorable. The background color of the blazer is actually navy, not black like the website shows. The flowers on the jacket are pink and ivory with tiny green vines. My favorite part about the blazer are the satin buttons on the sleeves.
P.S. I promise never to go this long without a post again. I'm so sorry for the delay my honies!

My new ModCloth blazer. I love it!



I love this purse! I found it at PacSun, which isn't normally a place that I would shop. I was Christmas shopping that day, and I decided to give the store a little look see. I am so very happy that I did.
All of the contents of my purse. Yeah, I travel light.


Kassidy Cross said...

Absolutely love it. (:

Meganne said...

thank you, doll.