Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm Baaack!!!


Well hello there, lovely readers! I promised to be back this week, and as promised, here I am! With a pretty long post and some great new photos!
I'm finally out of school for Christmas break, thank goodness. Two weeks of nothing but sleep, shopping, and a bit more sleep. and shopping. Only the two greeatest things in the world to do! Well, for me at least. Oh! and then theres the actual Christmas part, I assume that's pretty fun too;) What are you guys doing this holiday?

Today, I was out and about with my boyfriend. After some gift shopping, we went to the garden that I had taken pictures at a few weeks ago. It was such a lovely day, why not spend it outside? While we were there, I was able to get a few, erm, A LOT of really sweet pictures. All with the help of my lovely manfriend might I add! We had a really great time running around snapping pictures together.



This huge garden had multiple animal sculptures sitting off to the sides of the walking trails. They had things like bears and gorillas. There were some cranes and even a huge pig. My favorite of all of the sculptures was the big cat that they had. Mostly because it was the only one that I could actually sit on and take a few shots!




I have been waiting SO LONG to get a shoot with this dress. It is my absolute favorite. I found it at anthropologie back in November. As you you probably have gathered, I love birds. This dress was made for me, I do believe. I love all of the different colored birds and the subtle ruffles at the neckline. I found these shoes at Kohl's a few weeks ago while I was away on a debate trip. I wasn't entirely sure was I was going to pair them with,as I don't wear a lot of brown. However, once I got them home, I realized that they matched perfectly with all of the different colors in my bird dress.





Once again, I am so very sorry for the delay in my posts. This week there will be many more posts, though. I shall do my best to post a little something for you lovely readers everyday.

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