Monday, December 20, 2010

Farewell, Autumn


Yep. Today is the last day of my favorite season. No more vibrant reds, oranges and yellows will fill the trees. No more perfect weather. Nope. In a few days, hopefully weeks, the trees will be bare and the weather will be far too cold for my liking.


I've been wanting to get a few shots in front of this tree for quite sometime. Last night when I had gotten home, I had decided that today was that day. The day that I would take pretty pictures in front of my pretty tree. Well, my plans had changed. I walked outside this morning to see that almost all of the leaves on my favorite tree were gone. This was very sad for me. There were thankfully a few leaves still left on the tree to where it wasn't completely naked.





I had gotten this dress from target last summer of so. I've only worn it maybe a handful of times. I was trying to find something that would matched the colors of this tree, and it worked wonderfully. I'm well aware that my shoes, Goodwill, are slightly nautical in detail, but I'm all for mixing and matching.




I hate to see my favorite season go, but I know that she will be back again very soon to greet me with her pretty colors.
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