Monday, December 6, 2010

Dressember: Day 6

A Very Pretty Sunset

Oh my! I'm sorry I haven't had a post since Friday! I feel slightly bad about not posting at least one snapshot over the weekend. However, I promise to you that I HAVE been following my Dressember pledge, both Saturday and Sunday. I was very busy this weekend and didn't have much time for pictures. However, I did place fifth overall at my speech tournament. Go me!

Well, today was nothing entirely special, just another school day. I didn't dress exceptionally well, just comfortably. I'm limited as to what I can wear to school as we are forced to wear the same colors every single day. All of my school dresses are navy and I only have the choice between a white or grey shirt. I don't have an incredible amount of things to work with here. But I do what I can.

Sweater:Aeropostale Dress:Old Navy Ring:Vintage Nail Polish:OPI Belt: The Limited Shoes:Minnetonka Earrings:F21


Kassidy Cross said...

So good!! :)

Meganne said...

haha. thank you honey!