Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dressember: Day 1

It's finally here! December that is. But to the few of us willing it is Dressember.
A whole month of nothing but dresses. No skirts. No pants. No shirts. No Shorts. Just dresses! I am more excited than I can possibly tell you.
School will be taking up a lot of my dress wearing days. So, sadly, there will be a lot of repeats. I only own about 7 or 8 school dresses and I still have two weeks of school left. However, the rest of the time I promise to do no repeats. I'm also going to try to be consistant and have a new post every day of the month. This might be a little hard for me, saying as though sometimes I get very lazy. I will try my hardest though.
Well, enough of my jibber jabber. Here is my first outfit post for Dressember.
It's not very detailed. I only had enough time to snap a picture or two. At least I have something to show you guys, right? I'll try to do full detailed posts for the rest of the month. Enjoy!!!

*the picture is no good, as i've already stated. I really had no time to take a good shot. hence the reason my face is chopped off.

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Kassidy Cross said...

You're posts make me smile. :)