Friday, November 26, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I'm looking for a new dress to buy, imagine that. I normally look for something fairly cheap in price but at the moment I feel like splurging a bit. I'm completely stuck between two ModCloth dresses and I need major help picking one out. Will you guys help me? Leave your decisions in a comment below please!

My first choice is a vintagey 40's style red dress. I absolutely adore it and it's bright floral print and the shape of the dress. However, I'm a bit worried that it will clash too much with the red of my hair.

My next choice is also a vintagey 40's/50's style dress. But it's black. I don't normally wear black because I find it to be slightly depressing. Anytime I wear something of a darker shade, it's almost always a really dark purple or navy. I think that this dress could be an acception to this rule that I have though. I LOVE the bird-like designs that it has.

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