Friday, July 15, 2011

Super Excited

This baby will be mine in less than twenty-four hours.

I'm so excited. It's not exactly what I want, but I am so excited to finally have a camera that I don't even care. I'm sure she will treat me kindly. I'm going to love her so much.
When I graduate in May, I'm definitely going to get a more professional grade camera as a gift from my parents. I'm thinking the Nikon D7000. Unless it turns out that I'm a huge Canon lover, then I'll go from there.
Now, I need your help. With what? My new baby's name! My last camera was named Nikki. Since she was a Nikon. I think I'm going to name my new one Clementine. Or Charliegh. What do you think? Do you have names for your gadgets?

Until tomorrow, (with many a picture!!!)



the trendy time traveler said...

We're going to have twin cameras! I absolutely love mine and I'm so happy you're getting one! Enjoy!!!

xo, Strawberry Moth

Hannah said...

Good camera choice! :)

I'm horrible with naming electronics. I have an old macintosh in my basement which I lovingly call Mac, and that's the extent of my naming skills. lol
I like Clementine. It sounds like somebody who would be good at what it does and a hard worker, which fits the camera well.