Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Favorite Shirt

Do you have something that just goes with everything you wear? No matter what it is, it just goes with everything and you love to wear it. Mine is my blue jean shirt given to me by my stepdad. I've put it to more use than he ever did, that's for sure.


I wear this shirt at least once a week. It's definitely a staple in my wardrobe. I can wear it with anything, skirts, dresses, you name it. I can make it dressy or I can make it casual. It's definitely one of my most versatile pieces.


Here, you can see one of the bird nest rings that I'll be giving away next Tuesday. So far, there have only been four or five people who have entered. If you haven't entered, you know you want to! Best of all, it's completely and totally free! I'm hoping eventually to open up a little Etsy shop where I will probably be selling these rings for $12 or $15. I haven't decided yet. But, I'm giving you all the chance to win one before they ever go up for sale! All you have to do is follow this here blog via Google Connect and leave a comment here telling me what your favorite DIY is. It's that simple!
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Subversive LulĂș said...

Love the denim shirt!


Jo said...

Oh goodness, I love your tied up denim shirt! <3 And your hair looks so darling and pin up!

Lost in the Haze

Regan said...

I have a denim shirt that I used to wear almost relentlessly! Now I control myself and keep it to every few weeks (weather permitting haha). Thanks for the comment on my blog! I guess you can't tell in the pictures, but there was a raised area I was jumping off of :)


Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Great outfit! Your hair looks so cute!

Hollie douglas said...

nice putfit :)


strawberry moth said...

Hey Lovely! Come on over and join in on my Giveaway!

xo, Strawberry Moth

Allysa Rismaya said...

hey i love your top

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