Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Hi gals! Sorry for not having a post in a few days. My Flickr is currently completely filled up. I guess I should fork up the $25 and pay for unlimited space. I guess it's a good idea.
I could have posted yesterday, but I had a TERRIBLE accident. Lemme tell ya about it.
I decided I was going to dye my hair my natural color, which is a light brown/dark blonde. So, I got some bleach. Yeah, mistake number one. I bleached my hair, and it wasn't terrible. So. Then I put the color in. The color didn't take. At all. So I had to make an emergency appointment with my hairdresser (THANK GOD he was available!) and he fixed it. This process started about 1:00 and ended last night at 7:30. I cried a lot. Blogging was the very last thing on my mind.
Anyways, I felt that I should tell you all about my sad story and excuse for not posting yesterday. Also, Do ANY of you know what works best for dry, brittle, severely damaged hair? Pleassssseeee tell me what you use to help your hair stay soft and healthy!



Castle Fashion said...

:C That sounds awful. I'm sorry! But if you want to rescue your hair at this point, I suggest shampooing for 10 seconds max every shower and leaving conditioner in for 3-4 minutes. Maybe even longer. I leave mine in for 5ish. Plus, definitely don't use heat on it. And, if you can afford it, invest in some vitamins/oils for your hair! Hope that helps :)

Castle Fashion

April, Everyday Forgotten said...

Oh no sorry to hear about your hair! I don't use anything but Bed Head on my hair - my hair just doesnt like anything else, and I leave the conditioner in for at least (yea it's super long I know) 10-15 mins (I have a lot of spare time haha) - most times though it's even longer and my hair is seriously so smooth! I'd suggest trying that even just once since you've had so much done to your hair in such little time and it should make it so much better :) I'm no expert though haha!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. This is precisely what I am scared of experiencing if I attempt to color my own hair. I regularly iron my hair and so its very dry and curly hair is naturally brittle so I have been using yogurt. Just plain natural yogurt as a mask of sorts 15 mins to 30 mins left on before shampooing as usual. Also olive oil deep conditioning helps. You just warm up some olive oil, massage your scalp and hair thoroughly cover your hair with a damp towel like a turban and leave in for an hour. :)

Hope this helps hun. Good luck.

the crazy persian said...

honey, been there done that.
use a hair mask or leave in conditioner nightly and leave in during the day. also invest in a good hair mask for the shower as well. so basically condition condition condition it'll be soft again in a week or so but still be gentle on it. bleaching makes it porous which doesn't allow you to do much to it ( i learned that the hard way)