Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Tamp and I Grind

I'm sure you're all wondering wtf is up with this strange post title. Well I shall explain. While writing this post, I am sitting at my favorite little coffee shop, Tamp & Grind. Hence, I tamp and I grind. Which, I really don't. I hate coffee. I just really like this shop and their Italian cream sodas are just fabulous.


Do you ever put on an outfit, look in the mirror and think "Oh hey, this is cute." Then you take a picture and you think "Oh, this is not what I thought." Yeah, that's exactly how I feel about this outfit. I guess it's not the worst thing ever, but I'm just not feeling it.


Sorry that there are barely any pictures. The weather down here is ridiculous. You'd honestly just have to be from Louisiana to understand it. For those of you who don't know squat about this weather, let me tell you about it. The humidity percentage is so high here than when you walk out the door, you're instantly dripping with moisture. It's disgusting. I know that we're in a drought down here, and that the rain is a wonderful thing, but come the F on! You can forget about doing absolutely anything to your hair. And make-up? Yeah, just a waste of time. I put on lipstick and after 5 minutes it was running off. I'm surprised that it lasted that long. If I were wearing Revlon or some other cheap brand, it would have ran off instantaneously.


I love the combination of the coral on my lips and the teal-y color of my nails. It reminds me of the beach! This lipstick is by Kat Von D. It was a bit pricey, marked at $18.50, but it was so worth it! I have been looking for a coral color like this one for a long time. I know that CoverGirl and Revlon make colors like this, but when I buy their products I just feel like I'm wasting money, especially on lipsticks. The color only lasts for about 20 minutes, and then it's gone. I know that Sephora, Mac, and the like are all pretty expensive. But I swear, you're getting exactly what you expect to get for the price. At Sephora, if you decide you don't like the color, product, or whatever, they'll refund your money or give you store credit towards another product. It doesn't even matter if you've used the product or have had it for months. Just another reason I love this store!
Once again, I am sorry for the lack of pictures, I promise to have something much better tomorrow! Also, I'm still searching for other bloggers to do guest posts with. Are YOU interested?

Go splurge on some really awesome make-up!


Meagan said...

Your outfits have been killer lately! And that cream soda looks great!

Cecylia said...

Love your red skirt! Great colour!
Come follow my blog hun :)

Chelsea said...

ohh italian cream sodas sounds wonderful!! I adsolbty love the coloring in the last photo also! Your makeup looks wonderful. odd question but are your shoes a suede material or cloth on the gray part?