Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This man is completely and totally blind.

| Artists Wanted | In Focus : Pete Eckert from Artists Wanted on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.


Monday, May 30, 2011

In Desperate Need

I am in such need of a camera, it is just ridiculous. I've needed my camera every day this weekend. It makes me so sad that I haven't had one. I am planning on getting a new one within the next month. My lovely boyfriend has offered to help me pay for one. I am such a lucky girl! I think I'm going to go with the Nikon D3100. It's got a lovely 14.2 megapixels AND it has HD video capabilities. I really wanted the Nikon D90, but I can't afford $1200 right now. Hopefully, within the next year or two, I can step up to the Nikon D300s. That would be lovely!
I start work TOMORROW! I am actually pretty nervous. I have no idea how I'm going to stay awake from 8-5, but, once I start, I'll be making money, which means I'll be 4 weeks closer to getting my camera!
I really liked the outfit I was wearing today, and I wanted to share it with you. I'm sorry that I had to use my webcam, but it's all that I have right now! I apologize for the total lack of quality.


Shirt-The Limited $25
Shorts-American Eagle $19
Total Outfit-$44

What are all of your memorial day plans? Doing anything exciting? I hope you are! Have a wonderful day, and wish me luck on my first day!


Friday, May 27, 2011

First Day of Summer

Hey loves! Today is my first officail day of summer! I am so EXCITED! I am going to the lake with my boyfriend in just a few minutes actually. I wish that I had my camera to take pictures, but of course I don't.
I don't really have much to write about today, saying as I'm pretty time constricted at the moment. But I wanted to show all of you this really cool video I found on Vimeo last night. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Hump Day!

That's right! It's Wednesday, only two more days until the weekend!!! And only one more day until I'm done with my Junior year! I am so excited. Tomorrow, my friends and I are going to have a picnic at the lake in celebration. I am so excited!
Today, after school we had a girl's day. We went for unlimited soup and salad at an Italian restuarant, Carino's. It was so very yummy. Then, we all went to Sephora and I spent far too much money. $25 on lipstick! It was such a beautiful color I just couldn't help it. I also picked up a pair of paperbag shorts at American Eagle. Can you say 40% off sale?!

I'm sure you've read, I totally broke my camera. :( So, I can't show you pictures of everything I got, but I stole the pictures off of the websites to show you.

This is the lipstain/stick. It is WONDERFUL! I have been wearing the same coat that I put on at 12 while in the store. It looks exactly the same. I have been using Revlon Just Bitten lipstain, but it just wasn't doing the trick for me. This Smashbox limitless lipstain is incredible. I got the color guava, which is the brightest reddish coral color you could ever imagine. It is beautiful.


I have been looking for a pair of these paperbag shorts for quite some time. I love the material of these. They are a weird polyester, silk, cotton material. It's sounds totally weird, but I promise you, they are anything but. I am in so much love with them.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful day tomorrow! Do you all have plans for Memorial day? If you do, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday!


Monday, May 23, 2011

The End For Now

Well, not really. Almost. Today, I was going out to snap a few shots when...my camera fell off of my tripod. I was talking down my stairs, and my camera wasn't properly secured on the tripod and my camera toppled down the stairs. When I got to it, my lens was in two and the prism/mirror inside of my camera had cracked. Basically what this means is...no more camera, no more blog. Well, no more outfit posts at least. I am so, terribly upset about this. My camera moreso than the blogging, but I am upset about that too. I'm sorry, but my $700 camera meant a whole lot more to me than my blog. My camera was what made my blog what it is, and now i have no way to continue it.
I am hoping to get a new camera now sometime between now and July. I was totally planning on buying a pair of Jeffrey Campbell platforms, but. This obviously isn't going to be happening now. Sad face :( :( :(

Well, I am sorry for those of you who actually enjoy reading my tiny little peice of the world wide web. I'll be back before you know it!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Loving You From A Distance

Hello lovers! How are you all? I hope all is well with you all. WARNING! This post is pretty big. Jsuk.
I have so much to say in this here post, but I have no idea where to start. I guess I'll just start by saying my creative spark is completely nonexistent these days. Hence my lack of posting lately. I used to love to blog. LOVE it, I tell you. Now, eh, It's not a priority of mine. I also used to love to paint. I would always be working on a new project, even if it wasn't anything special. Which, most of the time it wasn't saying as I'm not very good. My creative ideas have just left my brain. It kind of makes me sad. It really makes me sad actually.
Secondly, I feel like my life is at a standstill. I have 3 days left of my junior year in high school, and I honestly just don't care. It hasn't fazed me at all. I'm just ready to be done. I also start my first job a week from Tuesday, this I also am no longer excited about. I'm just not excited about anything, and it's beginning to bring me down. It's also been a week since I've seen my boyfriend, which makes things even worse.
Many of you know by now that I have a boyfriend, but I've probably never mentioned the fact that we are in a long distance relationship. We only see each other once or maybe twice a week. But. Saturday morning he went to Athens, GA to see his friend and he won't be back until Friday. This is very sad, to me. I haven't seen him since last Saturday, and I still have to wait a week to see him. Life stinks.
Okay. Now, I'm done wallowing in my own self pity. I am sad, I am aware. Enough about my pitiful excuses of problems, on to the outfit!


These are two pieces that I had gotten last week on my "work clothes" shopping trip. I've been pretty skeptical to trying out maxi skirts, but I think I like this one. I think. It's one of those things that I bought because I figured that I could work it in some fashion. I'm thinking it'll grow on me.

Boo for brastraps!

ISN'T THIS NECKLACE GREAT?!?!?!?! I found it at Forever21 last night. I loved it so much that I bought two. This gold one, and another in silver.

Now, These two pictures don't really have much to go with this post. I mean, they were taken at the same time as the others, but. They're just portraits. Creative portraits. I can't tell which I like more. The one in color, or the black and white? Which do you like?

(Btw, That is paint on my wrist.)

So, I'm not really a huge country fan, but I am a huge folk fan. The Band Perry is a good mixture of both. More country, than folk, but with the sweet sounds of a mandolin, this band is pure joy to my ears. I downloaded their self-titled album earlier this afternoon. I'm in love. I also have a girly crush on the lead singer. She is beautiful, has a great sense of style, and has hair to die for.
Here is my favorite song off of the album: All Your Life

Okay, Okay, I won't keep you any longer. I hope you enjoyed this post. I am sorry for the babbling at the beginning of this post, but...sometimes ya just gotta let thinga out. Have a wonderful night! Loves:)


Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15th, 65 Degrees

As you all know, Louisiana is known for many a thing, including its miserably hot summer temperatures. To my surprise, I walked out this morning to it being rather cold. Well, cold for this time of year. It was 65 degrees!!! This my friends, is CRAZY! Those of you who are from here understand. Those of you who aren't, this is definitely a big stinkin' deal!

Anyways, Friday, I went shopping for "work" clothes. They aren't exactly "work" clothes. Work was just my excuse for my mother to take me shopping! This dress was apart of my work attire. I love the back. It's my favorite part. After I wore it all day, the fabric stretched, so I'm going to have to end up altering the straps. Nonetheless, it's a great dress, and for $17, what more could you want?

I'm hoping to feature some more of my work pieces this week and next, before I start. I'm so excited, my first day is May 31st. It's going to be so nice to have money! But, most of this money has to go towards saving for my move to NOLA!
It'll totally be worth it.
Dress- PacSun $17
Shoes-Dillard's $14
Necklace-Forever21 $2
Belt-Forever21 $4
Total Outfit-$37
Have a wonderful week, lovelies!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Blog!

Meh. I fell asleep yesterday and didn't get to take pictures. Today, I went to see my friend and her baby and my other friend who just got out of the hospital. It's been a fairly busy week this week! Tomorrow will be very busy too, but expect a post Thursday.
Tomorrow, I'll be a redhead again! I am so excited! This whole brunette thing is not working for me. My natural color is a light brown/blond color. I haven't been my natural color is almost 5 years. I was a redhead for 3 of those 5 and I miss it so much. I am so ready to go back to red. Red was just so much more fun and...Meganne-like! It fit me, my personality, and my style. I'm going back and I am so happy about it. Maybe one day I'll go back to my natural color. But, saying as though I'm going into the cosmetology field, I probably never will. I know, it's bad for my hair and everything, but oh well. It's pretty!
Before I forget, Happy birthday to my blog! Thank you all who have helped this little piece of my life grow to what it is today. This may not be much, but it is a whole heck of a lot better than what I ever would have imagined a year ago!

Thank you all!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I should start this post by saying "Happy Mother's Day! I love you Mother!" I hope that you all told your moms in some way today as well.
Next, I shall tell you all that tomorrow is this little ole blog's first birthday!!! Yep, that's right! One year ago tomorrow, I started this here blog. I must say, I've come a long way since then. But, I'll tell you all more about that tomorrow.
Today, I went out into my backyard to take a few pictures, and I think I got some pretty good shots. Maybe. All of these are pictures of a few of the many "creatures" that roam my yard.
This is my favorite picture that I had taken. I think it turned out very nicely. the butterfly was so fidgety. I thought I'd never get a good shot.
It's sad, but I almost ran over this little guy!

Some of you might remember this dress in my Hippie Day post. It was floor length and I wanted it to be a more practical dress that I could wear more often. I finally fixed my sewing machine last night, so this morning when I looked in my closet, I decided today was the day that this little number was going to be made short! I am very happy with the results!

Dress-Etsy $25
Belt-F21 $2.50
Shoes-thrifted $3
Earrings-Urban Original $8
Bird Hair Clip-Hand Made
Total Outfit-$40ish

This might be a bad video, but this song is wonderful! I once saw it at a dance recital and it was beautiful!

Have a wonderful night tonight and day tomorrow!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


As promised, I am back! I told ya I would be. I'm sure it seemed like I wasn't going to. I fooled you wrong. Especially you haters, I haven't forgotten you!

Well, I've got a lot to write about today, as it's been a pretty eventful week. For me at least. As you all know, I just recently became a rep for mark. makeup. I'm getting my rep kit in tomorrow, along with my adorable paper bag blue jean skirt. So, this weekend I will officially start selling the products. I also found out today that I had gotten a job that I applied for a few months ago. It's at my parish's courthouse. I'm pretty excited. This job is only 20-30 hours a week and since I need to save up a lot of money this summer, I decided to get another job. I went in to a day care today, and pretty much got the job instantly. I really hate kids, but I really love money! So, I think it's pretty great.

Why do I need to save money so badly might you ask? Well, I'm moving to New Orleans next January/February!!! Yep. I'm moving to the greatest city on earth. (If you disagree, you've obviously never been.) I'm moving here to go to the Paul Mitchell cosmetology school next spring. I'm super excited.

Okay, enough about my boring life and on to the most exciting part: the outfit!

I found some rocks!

I've actually never worn this shirt. It kinda makes me sad. My best friend got it for me for valentines day last year. I hardly ever wear the plaid shirt, because the back has a pretty big rip in it. But. Whatever. It's cute, and I like it. What else matters?


I don't know if you guys watch American Idol. I never did until this season. Let me tell you, this was a damn good season to start! There have been so many great people on the show this season. My favorite made it to the top 5, and my other made it to the top 10. But, after last night I have a new favorite. Watch and listen.

Umm, can you say the next Janis Joplin? She is incredible. Not to mention, the girl's got style.

And here is this title's namesake, Trains by Porcupine Tree.

Skirt-thrifted $2
Plaid Shirt-thrifted $2
Shoes-Charlotte Rusee $10
Bow Shirt-Gift
Tights-Anthropologie $10
Ring-Rue21 $1
Bracelet-Target $1

I hope you all have a fantastic night!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hey ladies!
I've recently been looking for a job, and I think I just got the best one ever!
I am now a mark. cosmetics represenative. for those of you who don't know, mark. is owned by Avon, the cosmetic company that our mothers and grandmothers love. Mark. is the chicer, more fashion forward baby of its mother, Avon.

It would be amazing if you all were to go to my eBoutique. Mark is not only a cosmetic line, but a clothing line as well. They have great dresses, skirts, shirts, shoes, and accessories.
I bought this skirt as soon as I signed up.

If you're interested in mark. products, visit my eBoutique!

I hope that you guys love what you see, and maybe even purchase something from me!

P.S.-I'm HOPING to have an outfit post for you guys at somepoint this week!