Sunday, May 22, 2011

Loving You From A Distance

Hello lovers! How are you all? I hope all is well with you all. WARNING! This post is pretty big. Jsuk.
I have so much to say in this here post, but I have no idea where to start. I guess I'll just start by saying my creative spark is completely nonexistent these days. Hence my lack of posting lately. I used to love to blog. LOVE it, I tell you. Now, eh, It's not a priority of mine. I also used to love to paint. I would always be working on a new project, even if it wasn't anything special. Which, most of the time it wasn't saying as I'm not very good. My creative ideas have just left my brain. It kind of makes me sad. It really makes me sad actually.
Secondly, I feel like my life is at a standstill. I have 3 days left of my junior year in high school, and I honestly just don't care. It hasn't fazed me at all. I'm just ready to be done. I also start my first job a week from Tuesday, this I also am no longer excited about. I'm just not excited about anything, and it's beginning to bring me down. It's also been a week since I've seen my boyfriend, which makes things even worse.
Many of you know by now that I have a boyfriend, but I've probably never mentioned the fact that we are in a long distance relationship. We only see each other once or maybe twice a week. But. Saturday morning he went to Athens, GA to see his friend and he won't be back until Friday. This is very sad, to me. I haven't seen him since last Saturday, and I still have to wait a week to see him. Life stinks.
Okay. Now, I'm done wallowing in my own self pity. I am sad, I am aware. Enough about my pitiful excuses of problems, on to the outfit!


These are two pieces that I had gotten last week on my "work clothes" shopping trip. I've been pretty skeptical to trying out maxi skirts, but I think I like this one. I think. It's one of those things that I bought because I figured that I could work it in some fashion. I'm thinking it'll grow on me.

Boo for brastraps!

ISN'T THIS NECKLACE GREAT?!?!?!?! I found it at Forever21 last night. I loved it so much that I bought two. This gold one, and another in silver.

Now, These two pictures don't really have much to go with this post. I mean, they were taken at the same time as the others, but. They're just portraits. Creative portraits. I can't tell which I like more. The one in color, or the black and white? Which do you like?

(Btw, That is paint on my wrist.)

So, I'm not really a huge country fan, but I am a huge folk fan. The Band Perry is a good mixture of both. More country, than folk, but with the sweet sounds of a mandolin, this band is pure joy to my ears. I downloaded their self-titled album earlier this afternoon. I'm in love. I also have a girly crush on the lead singer. She is beautiful, has a great sense of style, and has hair to die for.
Here is my favorite song off of the album: All Your Life

Okay, Okay, I won't keep you any longer. I hope you enjoyed this post. I am sorry for the babbling at the beginning of this post, but...sometimes ya just gotta let thinga out. Have a wonderful night! Loves:)



Brittany S. said...

I like the black and white pic better or sepia, whichever one it is. It brings out the contrast with your hair, skin, and eyes (with the shadows). But I love your sense of fashion lol.

Slow Southern Style said...

Visible bra straps are my constant nemesis. But hey what are you gonna do?

nikkibit said...

First off, beautiful dress on you!

If you want to hear advice from a mere stranger (but someone that relates to how your feeling), I would say it isn't worth fretting over your lack of motivation and excitement. It comes and goes as our lives change, and you'll go crazy if you try and control it. I was so burnt out after a break up it took me almost 2 years to get my painting mojo back. Now I'm spending every evening and weekend painting!
I've also had enough experience to know that this too will pass and I will lose the drive after I finish this series, so it's important to appreciate the excitement when it's here.
If you really want to get back in the game, try surrounding yourself with things that inspire you- go to a gallery, check out some art blogs, whatever!
Good luck, enjoy your summer, and don't let yourself miss the bf too much. Distance can make the heart grow fonder, and it gives him time to miss you!!

Tanyabell said...

hahah the camera pic is way too cute!! i love that top and all those patterns are wonderful!