Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Blog!

Meh. I fell asleep yesterday and didn't get to take pictures. Today, I went to see my friend and her baby and my other friend who just got out of the hospital. It's been a fairly busy week this week! Tomorrow will be very busy too, but expect a post Thursday.
Tomorrow, I'll be a redhead again! I am so excited! This whole brunette thing is not working for me. My natural color is a light brown/blond color. I haven't been my natural color is almost 5 years. I was a redhead for 3 of those 5 and I miss it so much. I am so ready to go back to red. Red was just so much more fun and...Meganne-like! It fit me, my personality, and my style. I'm going back and I am so happy about it. Maybe one day I'll go back to my natural color. But, saying as though I'm going into the cosmetology field, I probably never will. I know, it's bad for my hair and everything, but oh well. It's pretty!
Before I forget, Happy birthday to my blog! Thank you all who have helped this little piece of my life grow to what it is today. This may not be much, but it is a whole heck of a lot better than what I ever would have imagined a year ago!

Thank you all!

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