Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Skirt My Boyfriend Hates

Yesterday, while visiting my boyfriend, we took a little trip to Goodwill. I found some pretty cool items, but I only walked away with two items. One being this amazing coral skirt! My boyfriend hated it at first, but I think he warmed up to it after I wore it out today. I love the color of it and the buttons. I'm sorry I didn't get a close up of the buttons, but they are little gold buttons with anchors on them. I love the sailoresque feel to it.
I did a post a last month or so where I had hoped to take pictures in front of a
train. But, by the time my self timer went off, the train had past. Well, today on my way home from an outing with my manfriend, there was a HUGE train. I jumped out of my car and immediately got Stephen to snap some pictures. I'm very happy with the outcome. Thank you, honey!

Skirt-Thrifted $3 Shirt-F21 $7 Sweater-Target $15 Boots & Duck Ring-UO $40, $4 Turquoise Ring-Rue21 $.50 Total Outfit-$70ish
Well, it has been a very long day and I am incredibly tired, farewell my lovelies!

Until next time,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Autumn, I Miss You

It is true, I deeply miss Autumn. It is my favorite season and it is far gone and far away. I love autumn colors, and even though I wear them all year, it still just doesn't feel "right". Ya know, wearing warm reds,browns, oranges, blues and greens isn't exactly ideal for the bright and cheery summer. In winter it is far too dreary to wear those colors. But, I do it nevertheless.
I was missing this wonderful season this morning, so I threw on a ton of warm colors for school. I've only worn this sweater a handful of times. I'm not a huge fan of it, but it suited the mood well, so on it went. These shoes have only been worn once before, sadly. I love them. They are so comfortable. I wore them today for eight hours and was perfectly fine. I plan on wearing them a lot more now.
Shoes-Kohl's $4 Dress-Aeropostale $10 Sweater-Target $3 Tights-Dillards $2.50ish Necklace-F21 $1.50 Ring-F21 $2.80
I'm incredibly tired and just cannot keep my train of thought, so, I must stop now.
Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fabulous Finds

I've always been asked "How do you find that for so cheap?!" Well, the answer to that my lovely ladies is that I'm a huge bargain shopper. Huge. I buy nothing that is over $20, unless it's Christmas and I have enough money and giftcards that I can spend more than that. I only spend that much if I truly love something. The only thing that I can think of right now that was that much was the bird purse that I just recently bought. Anyway, I am going to start a post about my "Fabulous Finds" showing you all the things that I buy for ridiculously cheap prices in the hopes that I will inspire you to shop the same way I do.
Today, I went shopping because I landed myself into a bit of extra money. I wasn't intending on buying much, maybe a ring or two, but nothing more. Until I went into Dillard's that is. They were having an incredible sale and I just couldnt help myself! I got some incredbile shoes, some awesome jewelry, and an outfit. Well, my outfit was from PacSun, who was also having a killer sale. But anywhos. I'm almost certain that I saved the most that I've ever saved today. I am truly proud of myself.
Here are this weeks Fabulous Finds:
This skirt is A LOT cuter in person. I promise.
It took soo much to get these photos. My camera is on its last leg and has created a mind of its own. We share a few choice words between each other quite often. She only likes to take photos when it's convenient for her. I try telling her how amazing and beautiful she is, but she never listens. She's hard headed. She gets that from me.

Shoes-Regularly $125.99 Sale $14.70
Ring- Regularly $50.00 Sale $6.49
Bracelet *not pictured-Regularly $35.00 Sale $6.49
Tights *not pictured-Regularly $20.00 Sale $2.60
Bird Necklace-$1.50
Bird Shirt-Regularly $39.50 Sale $9.99
Skirt-Regularly $25.50 Sale $4.99
Total Cost Originally-$249.49
My Cost-$46.76
Yeah. I know. I'm pretty darn amazing.

Until next time,

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hello Dears. How are you today? I am swell, thank you for wondering. I had a wonderful day, and I hope that you all did too. Today, I ventured out into our downtown area and had a wonderful time with my manfriend.

It was a beautiful day, despite the massive amounts of wind. It was a perfect day to spend outside, and I did. My manfriend helped me take some wonderful pictures, including one funny one that I will save for last.

Remember the corduroy shorts that I mentioned? Well, these are them. I love them. I haven't worn shorts in ages, but I am hooked. They're so comfortable. Speaking of good Old Navy finds, I found this shirt from there a few years ago. So, as I've said, sometimes they have great stuff and others they have nothing. That day was obviously a good day.


I'm sorry that I've worn these shoes in my last frew posts. I normally hate repeating things so much, but I just love these shoes.I love the leather and suede on them and I love the T-straps. I've been wearing a lot of yellow lately and they are surprisingly the only yellow shoes I have. I say "surprisingly" because I am one of those girls who literally has 50+ pairs of shoes. Seriously.


The bag that I had gotten last week has been put to very good use. I love the size of it and all of the colors. My favorite part? The bird of course!

Shirt-Old Navy $7 Shorts-Old Navy $3 Shoes-UO $40 Sweater-F21 $10 Ring-F21 $2.80 Hat-F21 $4.50 Bag-World Market $20 Total Outfit-$88ish
Do you guys ever take your pictures and go back and look through them to see that you make some pretty ridiculous faces? Yeah, well, I do that. A lot. Today though, I took the best picture I think I have ever taken. It's quite hilarious if you ask me. Please, laugh all you like. I sure did. Just know, I don't look like this in real life. I promise.

I hope that most of you listened to Radiohead's new song, Lotus Flower, yesterday when I posted it. If anything, I hope you watched the video just to see Thom Yorke flailing his limbs like a crazy person. I downloaded the album today, and it is wonderful. It is definitely a bit darker than In Rainbows. Not quite as dancey might I say. However, the album is still great. I hope that you all give it a listen. You really should. You know you want to. Or not. At least listen to this song that I have so kindly shared with you.

Until next time,

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lotus Flower

Hello Dear. How are you today? I hope that your day was pleasant. Mine sure was.
I know that I kinda promised in my last post that I was going to have something special for today. ...Yeah. I kinda lied. Well, not really. Let me explain.
I had planned on taking some really awesome shots on this railroad bridge over a river. The bridge is really old and pretty ideal for pictures. I was fine when I was over the ground on the bridge, but once I got over the water and could see the water through the tracks, I couldn't really do it. I'm a scardey cat, I know. The pictures I got today are really nothing great and they aren't very detailed but, whatever. I tried. That's all that counts, right?

This skirt is the other plaid skirt that I had gotten on my little shopping excursion yesterday. I got a lot of comments about Old Navy being hit or miss, and I totally agree. Some days they have incredible things, and then others, I'm ashamed that I went in. However, yesterday, I was very happy that I had gone in.
Shirt-Maurice's $10 Skirt-Old Navy $7 Vest-F21 $10 Shoes-UO $40 Total Outfit-$67ish

Oh hey hey hey! Did you hear, new Radiohead is HERE! Yes, yes, you heard me right.It is here, and it is great. Feast your ears. And your eyes to the intriguing dancing style of Thom Yorke.

Well, it is late, and I am tired. Good night my little birdies. Sleep tight.

Until next time,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rolling In The Deep

Well hello lovelies! How has your week been? Good, I hope. Mine hasn't been anything wonderfully special. Except for Valentine's day. I had a wonderful day with my manfriend. He's just lovely. How was your Valentine's?
Today, after school my mother and I went shopping a bit, as I had decided that I wanted a pair of jeans. In case you haven't noticed, I don't wear pants. Jeans and pants that fit my body well are hard to come by. We went to a few stores and had no luck and then we went to Old Navy where I found many a cute thing!
I found a pair of light wash trouser jeans that are just FABULOUS! I also got two plaid skirts, including the red one that I am wearing now and a similar purple ones. The last item that I got was a pair of navy corduroy high waisted shorts. Sounds odd right? Well, trust me, they are any thing but.
I love these shoes. I picked them up at GoodWill a few months ago and I've never, ever worn them. I don't have much red clothing, as I used to have fire engine red hair so red clothing clashed. I was happy to find that my new red skirt matches the shoes perfectly. What a wonderful day!

Shirt-F21 $15 Skirt-Old Navy $7 Shoes-Thrifted $3 Necklace-Target $8 Ring-F21 $2.50 Total Outfit-$35.50

I am currently obsessed with Adele. Her voice is just so beautiful. It is everything that I wish mine was. In her new album 21, she really belts it out, which she didn't really do in her first album 19. This song, Rolling In The Deep is my new favorite song. Not to mention, the video is spectacular. I love her. So much.

I'm planning something pretty awesome for tomorrow, so stay tuned. Well, it may not be awesome to you, but it most certainly is to me!

Love and Birds,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Purse

This post isn't much of anything really. Actually, it's not anything at all.
I just wanted to share with you ladies my new bag.
I found this bag at World Market. I didn't have much money, and I wasn't intending on buying anything. However, I saw this bag and my intentions were changed and all money was spent.

What did you do today?

Until next time,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

And She's Back

Today, I went out on a little shopping adventure. I didn't find anything more than a hat and a ring stand. I love both of them, very much. I had hoped to get a new dress, but there isn't really anything out right now. Oh well.
Today was also a really great day. The weather has been so yucky lately, but today it was a bright a sunny 60 something degree weather day. Just beautiful I say! It was a perfect day to go out and take some nice pitcures.
I got to wear my favorite dress today, which makes me incredibly happy. I love all of the colorful birds in this dress. It practically goes with everything, and can be worn year round. I got these shoes from Urban a week or so after Christmas, and I haven't had the chance to show them off to you all, but here they are. Aren't they just wonderful?
I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. What are you doing for Valentine's?

Until next time,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awkward Family Photos

When I get crazy bored or just feel like having a laugh, I scroll through the wonderful photos on Awkward Family Photos. This site never fails to make me laugh, and I'm just it will do just the same for you.

Mom looks so happy about her daughter's rebellion.

I thought there was a Chow on his head.

They all attend Rex-kwondo.

The force is with them


Nothing says "I love my wife and unborn child" more than a man hugging a tire.

It can fly!

She thought leopard was tacky.

The parents of this baby think it's cute. That's all that matters.

Nothing like a half-nude family photo!

Notice the arm under the box.

Well that's unfortunate.
The weather was so terribly yucky this evening, I couldn't go out and get any outfit shots for you guys. I hope that the AFP's were good enough for you.
Be sure to check out their website. Seriously. It's great. Seriously.

Until next time,