Friday, February 25, 2011

Autumn, I Miss You

It is true, I deeply miss Autumn. It is my favorite season and it is far gone and far away. I love autumn colors, and even though I wear them all year, it still just doesn't feel "right". Ya know, wearing warm reds,browns, oranges, blues and greens isn't exactly ideal for the bright and cheery summer. In winter it is far too dreary to wear those colors. But, I do it nevertheless.
I was missing this wonderful season this morning, so I threw on a ton of warm colors for school. I've only worn this sweater a handful of times. I'm not a huge fan of it, but it suited the mood well, so on it went. These shoes have only been worn once before, sadly. I love them. They are so comfortable. I wore them today for eight hours and was perfectly fine. I plan on wearing them a lot more now.
Shoes-Kohl's $4 Dress-Aeropostale $10 Sweater-Target $3 Tights-Dillards $2.50ish Necklace-F21 $1.50 Ring-F21 $2.80
I'm incredibly tired and just cannot keep my train of thought, so, I must stop now.
Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!



Emily Anne said...

wow your outfit is so cheap!!! but like it looks so good! i love autumn colours, but considering it was 0 degrees today where i live, i want summer to come and stay for a long while! haha

Mademoiselle Antonova said...

you look lovely! and autumn is my favourite time of the year too... but it's a long wait till it comes again... but i keep waiting :)
and you are right, the lovely warm autumn shades are best worn between september-december... :)
i wrote what i think is a 'nice' post about the whole autumn thing last autumn, read it here if you like :)

Mitzi said...

Love the vest layered over the dress! I so miss autumn too. I can't wait for Spring, but no season tops autumn!
M xo

Kristy Elena said...

i love these photos! great outfit darling. i miss autumn too!!! =)

was just going through some comments on my past posts and i noticed yours! sorry for the belated response, i usually try to get back to everyone within just a few days but it's been super crazy lately with all the fashion weeks and traveling!!! anyway, hope to get to know you better through your blog and comments!

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