Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hello Dears. How are you today? I am swell, thank you for wondering. I had a wonderful day, and I hope that you all did too. Today, I ventured out into our downtown area and had a wonderful time with my manfriend.

It was a beautiful day, despite the massive amounts of wind. It was a perfect day to spend outside, and I did. My manfriend helped me take some wonderful pictures, including one funny one that I will save for last.

Remember the corduroy shorts that I mentioned? Well, these are them. I love them. I haven't worn shorts in ages, but I am hooked. They're so comfortable. Speaking of good Old Navy finds, I found this shirt from there a few years ago. So, as I've said, sometimes they have great stuff and others they have nothing. That day was obviously a good day.


I'm sorry that I've worn these shoes in my last frew posts. I normally hate repeating things so much, but I just love these shoes.I love the leather and suede on them and I love the T-straps. I've been wearing a lot of yellow lately and they are surprisingly the only yellow shoes I have. I say "surprisingly" because I am one of those girls who literally has 50+ pairs of shoes. Seriously.


The bag that I had gotten last week has been put to very good use. I love the size of it and all of the colors. My favorite part? The bird of course!

Shirt-Old Navy $7 Shorts-Old Navy $3 Shoes-UO $40 Sweater-F21 $10 Ring-F21 $2.80 Hat-F21 $4.50 Bag-World Market $20 Total Outfit-$88ish
Do you guys ever take your pictures and go back and look through them to see that you make some pretty ridiculous faces? Yeah, well, I do that. A lot. Today though, I took the best picture I think I have ever taken. It's quite hilarious if you ask me. Please, laugh all you like. I sure did. Just know, I don't look like this in real life. I promise.

I hope that most of you listened to Radiohead's new song, Lotus Flower, yesterday when I posted it. If anything, I hope you watched the video just to see Thom Yorke flailing his limbs like a crazy person. I downloaded the album today, and it is wonderful. It is definitely a bit darker than In Rainbows. Not quite as dancey might I say. However, the album is still great. I hope that you all give it a listen. You really should. You know you want to. Or not. At least listen to this song that I have so kindly shared with you.

Until next time,


Gayle said...

I love your outfit, especially your top and your bag. The colors look so bright and cheerful. :)

-Gayle (Pen&Ink blog)

Kristy Elena said...

you guys look so adorable! =) your outfit looks adorable and i love these shots you got. looks like it was a really fun day. =)

Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
Vogue Gone Rogue
Twitter: @kristyelena

Alaina said...

Ummm SO HAPPY that you sent me that message on IFB. I kind of just fell in love with your blog. You are so beautiful and I love your style.

Annnd I don't blame you for wearing those shoes to pieces. They are so cute.

xox alaina :) Happily your newest follower

eylül said...

that bag is really quite wonderful, i wish it was spring already here! that first photo is wonderful as well, what are you shooting with? :)

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

hah! that last picture is hilarious. looks like you guys had a good time.

Mitzi said...

Hahahaha I totally make weird faces in lots of the pictures I take, and I usually put the best ones! They usually happen when I'm taking off a coat or scarf ;)
M xo