Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Purse

This post isn't much of anything really. Actually, it's not anything at all.
I just wanted to share with you ladies my new bag.
I found this bag at World Market. I didn't have much money, and I wasn't intending on buying anything. However, I saw this bag and my intentions were changed and all money was spent.

What did you do today?

Until next time,


Leigh said...

pretty bag!!!!!! that always happens to me-i don't plan on buying anything, but of course i do! :)

Mitzi said...

Lovey bag, it's so "you" ;)
Today my boyfriend and I went out for dinner before he had to go to work, booo.
Happy Valentine's Day!
M xo

Grace said...

Cute bag! I haven't been to World Market in forever--might have to check it out again sometime.

paramartha said...

cute bag i love it! want some hehe..
cool blog and i followed you, check out my blog

Kaitlyn said...

Hey hey!

Love that bag, v.boho chic :)

Following you via Bloglovin' now - would love some support on there myself, so come check out my blog!

x K
-An Aussie girl's fashion musings.

Ola said...

Thank you for the in depth comment on my blog! :) My top shelf in my wardrobe is really small so that's nor really an option for me haha....and yes..I love jewellery girl too - I'd definitely say accessories are my weakness, not so mcu shoes but bags and jewellery YES PLEASE! haha
And that ring is gorgeous but the closest F21 to be is in Birmingham...haha..I'm guessing you're from America! xxx

Audrey C. Jones. said...

hey doll

thanks again for your comment on IFB. Im following your blog. I would love to check out mine and follow if you want to be kept updated

X Audrey