Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fabulous Finds

I've always been asked "How do you find that for so cheap?!" Well, the answer to that my lovely ladies is that I'm a huge bargain shopper. Huge. I buy nothing that is over $20, unless it's Christmas and I have enough money and giftcards that I can spend more than that. I only spend that much if I truly love something. The only thing that I can think of right now that was that much was the bird purse that I just recently bought. Anyway, I am going to start a post about my "Fabulous Finds" showing you all the things that I buy for ridiculously cheap prices in the hopes that I will inspire you to shop the same way I do.
Today, I went shopping because I landed myself into a bit of extra money. I wasn't intending on buying much, maybe a ring or two, but nothing more. Until I went into Dillard's that is. They were having an incredible sale and I just couldnt help myself! I got some incredbile shoes, some awesome jewelry, and an outfit. Well, my outfit was from PacSun, who was also having a killer sale. But anywhos. I'm almost certain that I saved the most that I've ever saved today. I am truly proud of myself.
Here are this weeks Fabulous Finds:
This skirt is A LOT cuter in person. I promise.
It took soo much to get these photos. My camera is on its last leg and has created a mind of its own. We share a few choice words between each other quite often. She only likes to take photos when it's convenient for her. I try telling her how amazing and beautiful she is, but she never listens. She's hard headed. She gets that from me.

Shoes-Regularly $125.99 Sale $14.70
Ring- Regularly $50.00 Sale $6.49
Bracelet *not pictured-Regularly $35.00 Sale $6.49
Tights *not pictured-Regularly $20.00 Sale $2.60
Bird Necklace-$1.50
Bird Shirt-Regularly $39.50 Sale $9.99
Skirt-Regularly $25.50 Sale $4.99
Total Cost Originally-$249.49
My Cost-$46.76
Yeah. I know. I'm pretty darn amazing.

Until next time,


Emily Anne said...

wow you are an amazing bargain shopper! I wish I had a Dillards near me! I just have Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, Saks, and Nemian Marcus.. haha But I don't live in a large city so they aren't up to par as chicago, or new york!

but seriously everything you got is so amazing! i adore the ring and shoes!

Kaitlyn said...

Wow, excellent bargain-hunting for sure, bravo!

x K
-An Aussie girl's fashion musings.

Eva said...

Oh wow. I thought I was good at bargain shopping. :D But you're amazing! :DD


Mitzi said...

Holy moly, great job! Love the ring, and the skirt looks like it probably fits like the skirt I wore in my "K is for Khaki" post! Love the colour :D
M xo