Friday, February 18, 2011

Rolling In The Deep

Well hello lovelies! How has your week been? Good, I hope. Mine hasn't been anything wonderfully special. Except for Valentine's day. I had a wonderful day with my manfriend. He's just lovely. How was your Valentine's?
Today, after school my mother and I went shopping a bit, as I had decided that I wanted a pair of jeans. In case you haven't noticed, I don't wear pants. Jeans and pants that fit my body well are hard to come by. We went to a few stores and had no luck and then we went to Old Navy where I found many a cute thing!
I found a pair of light wash trouser jeans that are just FABULOUS! I also got two plaid skirts, including the red one that I am wearing now and a similar purple ones. The last item that I got was a pair of navy corduroy high waisted shorts. Sounds odd right? Well, trust me, they are any thing but.
I love these shoes. I picked them up at GoodWill a few months ago and I've never, ever worn them. I don't have much red clothing, as I used to have fire engine red hair so red clothing clashed. I was happy to find that my new red skirt matches the shoes perfectly. What a wonderful day!

Shirt-F21 $15 Skirt-Old Navy $7 Shoes-Thrifted $3 Necklace-Target $8 Ring-F21 $2.50 Total Outfit-$35.50

I am currently obsessed with Adele. Her voice is just so beautiful. It is everything that I wish mine was. In her new album 21, she really belts it out, which she didn't really do in her first album 19. This song, Rolling In The Deep is my new favorite song. Not to mention, the video is spectacular. I love her. So much.

I'm planning something pretty awesome for tomorrow, so stay tuned. Well, it may not be awesome to you, but it most certainly is to me!

Love and Birds,


Anonymous said...

SUCH a cute outfit! I love how you photographed the accessories, too. =]

Pepperberry said...


Great blog. The location here is fantastic, and the light is brilliant. Nice work.



Kerri @ OldLadyChic said...

Love the bright red. Old navy is always hit or miss for me. Sometimes the clearance section is filled with goodies!

Feathers said...

I used to work at Old Navy, and they can be so hit or miss. Love that skirt, though, it's adorable!


Mitzi said...

Love your skirt!! It's perfect with your yellow top, and they both go so well with the warm sunset-y lighting :D Those shoes are fab too, gotta love Goodwill finds!
M xo