Saturday, February 5, 2011


So today, I went to visit my manfriend. Before I got on my way, I stopped at the railroad crossing to take a few shots. As I got out of my car, I heard a train whistle. I looked down the rail to spot the train. It was a good half mile away at this point, so I had set up my tripod and my timer and I had everything ready. I saw that the train was only 50 or so feet away, so I set my self timer. I was so very excited because I was going to get amazing pictures with a moving train 5 behind me.
I turned around and the conductor saw me and waved, she was a lady just so you know. Then I turned and posed, my shutter snapped, and the train had passed. The train was much, much smaller than the normal 100+ car trains that typically pass in front of my house. There was only 5 or 6 cars on this train and my plan of having amazing pictures didn't work out. Needless to say, I am very sad about this. All in all, I've had a very wonderful day. How was yours? Really, I want to know! I love hearing your stories.

This was my "Seriously? Did you SERIOUSLY just pass me? ALREADY?!" face.
Just in case you were wondering, yes, my skirt is the jean shirt that I had worn in yesterday's post. I got a little creative. I was a little inspired by a picture that I had seen in The Sartorialist's book. Of course, the girl in the picture had pulled it off far better than I did, but hey, this was my first try.
My shoes come untied quite often. I hardly ever bother retying them.
My hat also had to be a bit DIY'd. Yesterday during my nap time, my dog had gotten a hold of my hat and had eaten the feathers off. My hat was perfectly fine, besides the terrible smell that it now has, but all the feathers had been chewed off. I really loved the feathers on my hat but there was no way that they could have been saved at that point. So, I found a peacock feather that I had lying around my room and I put it on my hat. I think that I like it better this way.

Shirt-Hollister $5 Hat-Target $10 Butterfly Ring-Gift Pearl Ring-F21 $3.50 Skirt/Shirt-My Stepdad's Shoes-Shoe Carnival $5 Choker-From elementary Owl Necklace- F21 $4.50 Total Outfit-$28
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Kassidy076 said...

Great shots and adorable out fit!
My day was swell. I bought myself a laptop today, his name is George, and I went bowling. It was delightful. :D

Meganne said...

thank you! seems like you had a wonderful day! laptops are fun...and so is bowling!