Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who Said There's Only 94 Days of Summer?

I'm obsessed. I cannot get enough of this blasted movie! Every word is engraved into my brain forever. Every line, every song, I know it all. I don't know whether this is a really great thing, or a really sad thing? Maybe both.

I'm currently watching the movie on HBO, and I feel the need to share these images with you all. They are a few of my favorite scenes/quotes from the movie. Enjoy!

All images via We♥It

The last shot is my absolute favorite. I included the actual clip, so you should definitely watch it! It makes me want to run wild through the isles, erm...sections, of the Ikea store. If only we had one. One day, I will do this though. I have to. It's officially on my bucket list. The one that I've yet to make.


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