Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Monday-day-day!

I have no idea why I added a "!" at the end of that post title. Mondays do not deserve an exlamation mark. They do deserve a "..." or a good "?!@&%^", but certainly not an exlamation mark. No way. Especially not this monday in particular. It was a bad one. Maybe it was because I had to wake up at 6:15, or maybe it was because by 9 the sole of one of my favorite pairs of vintage shoes tore half way off. Who knows. However, on the upside, I did get my prom dress back from the alteration lady, IT'S AMAZING! I am so beyong ready to show you all my dress. Prom is Saturday, so expect pictures Sunday!

So, I currently have the biggest obsession with Goodwill. I have found the best pieces there lately, like this skirt and the green one from my last post. Most of the time the stores are hit or miss, but lately they've all been a hit! Especially the one in Shreveport, LA. It is HUGE! It's by far the biggest one I've ever been to and it's brand new with really great stuff.


Skirt-Thrifted $4
Shirt-WalMart $5
Shoes-Dillard's $14
Belt-Thrifted $1
Hat-Target $10
Necklace-Target $9
Total Outfit- $43

Well, I hope that you all have a lovely evening and a splendid day tomorrow!



Andrea Grace said...

great finds!

Meagan said...

These are such good photos. I love your shoes and your hat!

Mitzi said...

That skirt is fantastic, I love it with the belt and shoes! The grey t-shirt was the perfect choice, and the hat makes it that much more fun!
Even if your Monday was totally shitty, at least you looked great ;) Can't wait to see your prom dress!
M xo

Emily Anne said...

i love this outfit! your skirt is amazing! ive had such misses going thrift shopping lately, but it should turn around! i love the belt as well!

NikkNaks said...

You look absolutely fabulous in this outfit. I mean smokin! And now I'm even more jealous that you got the skirt at goodwill...