Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New View?

Sorry about the constant blog changes. I do apologize. I've just been reading so many awesome blogs lately that have such great layouts, backgrounds, headers, etc. I think I'm starting to give myself whiplash with all of this constant changing. One day I'll get it all right, one day. But right now, my lack of HTML
and computer skills are really holding me back. Ugh.
Well, I assume since I'm taking the time to write this totally random post I should at least put something pretty in it for you. So, here is a ModCloth dress and a pair of Jeffrey Cambell heels that I am currently dying for.

As of right now, I can keep dreaming. Both the shoes and the dress are well over $100and currently out of stock. Sad day.

Well. I'm off to sleep. Or paint. Or, to do something productive.
Fare well!



Mitzi said...

I like this layout, very fresh! And that dress... so gorgeous!!
M xo

Andrea Grace said...

these are very cute, but I'm sure with some research and creativity you can find them for cheap, I have faith!
Andrea Grace