Friday, January 28, 2011

Southern Weather

Yes, It is true. Louisiana winters suck. That's all there is to it. One day, it's 32 degrees out, the next it's 75. Today was one of those days. I'm pretty sure it's been about 70 out all day. Which is fine, but I would really love a white winter. Maybe one day, whenever I move far far away. Until then, I'll have to live with this bipolar southern weather.
I know, it's been quite a while since I've had an outfit post. But I'm back! Hopefully no more three week breaks from this blogger. Like I said in my last little post, things have been hectic and I've been lazy. I am sorry about this.
I've got bug eyes.
Today, I went to school and wore the same old school uniform. I didn't feel like posting about that because all the outfits look virtually the same. I threw this on, even though I have absolutely no plans for the night. Maybe I'll wear it tomorrow?
Ah. My boots. I LOVE my boots. I simply cannot get anough of these boots from UO. They are so unbelievably comfortable. I wear them at least once a week. Which is a lot for me, saying that I have about 70 pairs of shoes. I'm an addict. At least I admit to it. ;)
Sweater and Skirt-Old Navy $10, $4 Boots-UO $40 Rings-Forever21 both $2.80 Total Outfit-$56ish
Until next time,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've been gone for far too long. I am sorry about this my dear readers.
I've had so many things going on this month, there has been absolutely no time for me to blog. I've been busy with school, which still is hell with walls, I've had the flu and I've just been being down right lazy.
I had plans for writing an actual post today, but the weather at home has been slightly nasty. Basically, going outside to take some pictures was not an option.
I hope to be back into my blogging routine sometime this weekend. Hopefully.
If not, I will be back in February.
P.S.- WATCH IFC's PORTLANDIA! Fridays at 10:30!

Until then,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flower Power


Only one more day until I'm out of school for the weekend! Thank goodness! As you've read in my last post, I absolutely hate school. This fact has certainly not changed in the past two days. I can do it, though. Maybe.

Last night when I had gotten home from a little shopping trip with some friends, I found my two new Anthropologie dresses waiting for me. I was a very happy girl. One dress is a bit short for my liking right now and is very thin and spingy. The second though is my favorite. The colors work perfectly all year long. It's got pinks, purples, blues, tans, yellows, and browns in it. I absolutely love it, especially since I am now on some type of flower pattern kick.





This isn't the outfit that I wore to school today. I did wear my Indiana Jane boots, though, the name was given to them by my lovely friend Audra just so you know. I'm going out with my manfriend tonight, so I felt like dressing incredibly girly. Then again, I always dress incredibly girly! That's another thing that I love about my new boots, they add a little rebel to the girliest of outfits and I can wear them with absolutely everything.

Dress- Anthropologie $30 Sweater-F21 $10 Boots-UO $38 Belt-Thrifted $1 Rings-All F21 $2-$4 Necklace-F21 $1 Total Outfit-$85(ish)

I'm off now, but I will be back tomorrow with another lovely outfit for your inspiration. Oh! Before I forget, I need to thank all of you lovely ladies! In the past week, I have gained eight new followers! I've also gotten so many comments that I can barely keep up with responding to them. So, if you leave a comment, please be patient with me. I'm doing my best to reply to each and every one of you. Thank you again!

Love and Such,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Kicks

Can I just say that I absolutely HATE school? I really do. I really believe that I should have been born a few years before I was. The vast majority of people my age really push my buttons. I only have a year and a half left, I think that I can make it. Hopefully.

Another thing that I hate at school? Uniforms! I guess that I should be happy that the school that I attend gives a bit of leeway, but I still feel pretty limited. My choices in the morning are 1) navy dresses with white or grey shirts or 2)khaki/navy skirts with white or grey shirts. We are allowed to wear pants and shorts of course, but as you have probably seen throughout my posts I don't wear either of the two.

After school, I was treated to Chinese food and sushi by my mother and a little shopping afterwards. I ran out of daylight by the time I got home, so all i have for you tonight is just a single outfit shot. Hope you enjoy it!


These are my new Deena and Ozzy boots from UO. Aren't they just wonderful? I got so many lovely comments today on their wonderfulness:)


Dress-Charlotte Russse $15 Tights-JCP $5 Scarf & Ring-Gift from manfriend
Shirt-Gap Outlet $10 Belt-Thrifted $1 Boots-UO $40 Total Outfit: $71

I'll be back either Thursday or Friday with a full set of outfit shots, promise!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Iron and Lace


My intentions today were not to take pictures on the railroad in front of my house, but my intentions failed me. While I do like the railroad and I think that it is a lovely spot to have a shoot, I didn't want to take pictures there twice in one week. But for today, it was all that I could manage. At least this time the lighting was still pretty good, so I have more than a few pictures to share with you!
I think that it was probably not such a great idea to go out and take pictures, though. As a result of this, I now have a cold! Grrr. Oh, the pain and torture!
Dress-Rue 21 $1 Tights-JCP $5 Bird Ring-F21 $2 Bug Ring and Necklace-Gifts from my manfriend Shoes-Thrifted $3 Belt-Thrifted $1 Sweater-F21 $15 Total Look-$27
*Coat-Old Navy $50 *Rain Boots-Targer $10

As sad as this may be, I probably won't be back for a few days. School starts back up tomorrow for the spring semester. Yay. I'm most certainly not looking forward to this. Both the school and the not posting. I should be back either Tuesday or Thursday. I'm so sorry my lovelies!

Until next time,

New Year's Resolution(s)

We've all made them and for the most part, we forget about them once January leaves and February takes its place. I've made a few resolutions that I've tried to keep simple. I want to make my goals obtainable and not something that I'm just going to give up on in the near future. So, without further ado, here are my resolutions:
1. Grow My Hair Out
This is my real hair (shoulder length)
This is my hair with my extensions (mid back)
I want my hair to be as long as my hair with my extensions. Or, at least pretty close to that length.

2. Clean more often
I need to get my 50's housewife on.

3. Work out more
Doesn't everyone have this as a resolution?
I already work out 2-4 times a week but I'd like to up the ante.

4. Last but not least, I plan on blogging more often.
I'm pretty sure that this will be the easiest of them all!

What are you guy's resolutions?

Love and Puppies,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Abandoned Houses

Well hello there! It's been quite some time since my last post to you, five days, if you're counting. I hope that every last one of you had a wonderful new year. Did you get to watch the ball drop? I didn't.

Today has felt very much like a Sunday. It's been a rather lazy one, too. Except for the fact that I was up at the crack of dawn. I never do that on weekends. But hey, you might as well seize the day with what sunlight short winter days gives us, right?While thinking of a nice place to have an outfit shoot, I remembered this old abandoned house down the road from mine. I'm pretty sure that it actually belongs to a relative of mine, which makes me not feel too terribly bad for marching myself into it.


I love the seriousness of my face in this one.





I also found two Adorable vintage purses inside of an old closet. Unlike everything else left in the house, they were in very good condition. I couldn't help but snatch them up. No one's lived in the house for at least twenty years...I'm pretty sure they will not be missed.



Sorry for the shortness of this post. I'm not in a very writey mood this evening.
Sweater-Aeropostale $17 Skirt-Thrifted $3 Shirt-F21 $7ish Tights-JCP $5 Blue Ring-Rue21 $.50 Bug Ring-Gift from the Manfriend Owl Necklace-F21 $4 Shoes-Old Navy $10 Total Cost-$46.50 *est.

Check back later tonight for some of my most recent DIY's!

Love and Bugs,