Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Kicks

Can I just say that I absolutely HATE school? I really do. I really believe that I should have been born a few years before I was. The vast majority of people my age really push my buttons. I only have a year and a half left, I think that I can make it. Hopefully.

Another thing that I hate at school? Uniforms! I guess that I should be happy that the school that I attend gives a bit of leeway, but I still feel pretty limited. My choices in the morning are 1) navy dresses with white or grey shirts or 2)khaki/navy skirts with white or grey shirts. We are allowed to wear pants and shorts of course, but as you have probably seen throughout my posts I don't wear either of the two.

After school, I was treated to Chinese food and sushi by my mother and a little shopping afterwards. I ran out of daylight by the time I got home, so all i have for you tonight is just a single outfit shot. Hope you enjoy it!


These are my new Deena and Ozzy boots from UO. Aren't they just wonderful? I got so many lovely comments today on their wonderfulness:)


Dress-Charlotte Russse $15 Tights-JCP $5 Scarf & Ring-Gift from manfriend
Shirt-Gap Outlet $10 Belt-Thrifted $1 Boots-UO $40 Total Outfit: $71

I'll be back either Thursday or Friday with a full set of outfit shots, promise!


Annebeth said...

haha I hate school too, I had the exact same problem: people in my class were still going on about who was dating who etc and I couldn't give a crap about it. My crisis also occurred when I had like 1,5 years to go, my solution was not to go back and get my grade with "the exam commission", a belgian institution for adults who didn't get the chance to finish high school and kids in special positions like athletics etc. It worked for me and it was a great preparation for uni since it let me study in my own time (which was considerably faster than my highschool class - I was bored out of my mind).

Hang in there, it'll be over before you know it and Uni is a lot cooler!

outfit is great, I love the tights and booooots

Ioana Liliana said...

My what a collection you have there! Congrats on the new addition!


Stacy said...

love it, so perfect