Tuesday, April 26, 2011

World's Worst Blogger

Yep. That's me, the world's worst blogger. I haven't been around in a while for no reason other than I've been extremely lazy. I am extremely sorry. I actually got somewhat of a rude comment about it. It made me really sad. :(
I'm currently on spring break, so I've got a lot of free time on my hands to blog. I might not do a ton of outfit posts, but I'll try to find something to blog about.

So. I haven't been shopping lately, so I have to find new ways to wear the old clothes in my closet. This skirt was actually a dress. Some of you might have seen it in an older post. Well, anyways, I really liked the bottom of this dress, and really hated the top. It was about two sizes too big. So, today I decided that I was going to cut the top off of it, and just wear it as a skirt. I'm very happy that I did. Now, I will put it to much more use than I previously did.


I also forgot to change into the heels that I was planning to wear with this outfit. I didn't feel like exploring with them on, so I had a pair of flip flops on until I found a place nice enough to shoot. Well. I completely forgot and I shot the pictures without realizing it. Oh well.

Have a wonderful evening!


Meagan said...

Don't worry about what people say. It's your blog and you shouldn't do it unless you want to. I love reading it though, so I'm glad you're back!

Ellie said...

I actually have that shirt and I haven't worn it in quite a while... maybe it's because I've never thought to wear it with a skirt! I love that you turned your dress into a skirt. It makes me want to go rummage through my closet right now to see what I can make into something new!

Maria E. said...

I love your clutch! It's absolutely darling; as are you. :) :)