Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hey lovers!
Sorry for not posting ANYTHING in the past week and a half or so. I've been busy...and just down right lazy. I took some pictures of today's outfit, and I plan to edit them and upload tomorrow. I had a long lazy day with the boyfriend today, so I didn't feel like uploading tonight.
I have exciting news for you guys! Well, not really, but it's exciting to me. As i told you guys a few weeks ago, I got into a wreck and totalled my 95 Sable. It was a terribly ugly car, but I LOVED her! But, last saturday, I got a new one! She's amazing and I love her even more. She is an '05 VW Passat. I'll post some pictures on here some time. She's just too beautiful for you all not to see!!!

Well, I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully without any more week long breaks.

Goodnight ladies!



Mitzi said...

Ooh congrats on the new car! Looking forward to your next post ;)
M xo

Chanel said...

Cute blog. Love that you are from Lousiana too. Now following!! XOXO