Saturday, April 2, 2011

Carbon Positive

Did you know that every blog that gets 15,000 hits a month generates on average 3.5 kg of carbon every year? While this may not sound like a lot, when you consider the over 200,000,000 blogs in the world, this could contribute to over 700,000 tons of carbon each year.
Now Ixpo has set up an initiative to try and do something about it, and it couldn’t be easier to join in. All you have to do is add one of the ‘Carbon Positive Blog’ button’s to your page, and Ixpo will plant a tree for you. That’s it! You don’t have to make a donation or pay a penny, just add the button and Ixpo will plant your tree!
Get Carbon Positive With Ixpo

A little update:

Last night, I got into a pretty bad wreck. I'm fine, and so are the other two people incolved in the accident. My car however, is nonexistant. My poor baby is currently in a junkyard somewhere an hour and a half away from me. My phone is also dead. It smashed into a million pieces. Yayyyyyyy! So, today and tomorrow will be spent in my bed. I'm rather sore from it all, but I'll be okay.
But on the bright side, I've downloaded multiple versions of photoshop to pass the time. So, yay for pretty pictures!

Until next time,


Megs said...

ooh no i hope your okay!
ive been in a car crash and its a terrible experience =/
and that link is wonderful!
im going to post my own up on my blog
Thanks for following mee =D


Heel in Mint said...

I am glad you and your friends are fine. Cars and phones can always be replaced. Love xx
Heel in Mint