Monday, May 31, 2010

Propaganda Propashmanda

My current interest in style and fashion is the 20's-40's. I adore everything about the red lips, pin curls, and flapper dresses. During this era the world was going through the worst war yet. World War Two. Women, who before then had no voice, were slowly starting to gain one. The women and the homefront were much needed. Women had to start carrying out what was then the "men's jobs" because all of the men had been flown over seas, stuck on military bases, and so forth. I am truly inspired by these women and, of course, their style. So in honor of Memorial Day, I will be remembering those men AND women who have served our country well. Here's to you ladies.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Greatest Purse Ever Stitched On Earth

Here lately, I've been shopping around for a new purse. I've really been looking for the Indian/Boho type, or anything extremely hippie looking. I was searching on ModCloth and I found the perfect one for me. It's a replica of the item that i hold dearest to my heart and what helps me make most of this blog a reality. Hopefully I can save up my funds so I can call myself the proud owner of such a wonderful, marvelous, flash-tastic bag.
And here it is

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cowboys and Railroads

Today, On my way home I took a good look at this old run-down rodeo complex near my house called "Cowboy Town". For some strange reason, I grew a sprout of inspiration from it. It's so huge and colorful, I thought it'd be a nice, deserted place to get my shutter snapping on. I also noticed the railroad by my house as well. Of course, not a totally original place for pictures, but it adds a nice timey feel to it.

So after thinking a bit, my friend Andi and I set out for some belated blogging pictures. While there aren't many pictures of the actual Cowboy Town, I was able to get some really nice railroad shots. (p.s. some of the shots had to be cropped and they are my uploaded made them look totally distorted, but they're still good, right?!)

Here they are. Enjoy!

What Andi's Wearing-
Dress & Shoes-JC Pennys
Red Belt & Ring-Forever21

What I'm Wearing-
Top & Shoes-Rue21
Pencil Skirt-Express
Blue Stone Ring-Forever21
Blue Diamond Ring-Gift

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today, I was at a local bookstore and I came across this really great magazine. Foam Magazine is fully dedicated to all things fashion, ocean, art, and music. The articles in the magazine were really cool so I decided to give the websit a bit of browsing. Here's a hella-cool DIY that I found:

If you’ve been following Foam for a while, you know we love, love, love DIYs. That’s why we are so excited about The New York Design Shop, a website that provides the step-by-steps for creating current and runway inspired projects and the materials to help you complete the DIY.
We collaborated with NYDS to bring you some beach-worthy projects and the chance to win a tote bag filled with DIY materials.

The Braided Headband Necklace

What You’ll Need:

1 Old T Shirt (We used a striped one, patterns give an extra oomph!)
1 pair of scissors
1 Safety Pin

How to Make It:

1. Gather materials. You’ll want to cut 6 12” strips of t shirt fabric and pull them to stretch out the material. Line up 3 sets of 2 strips.
2. Pinch the ends together and fasten with a safety pin.
3. Braid the three strands until you get to the end of the strips. Tie a knot.
4. Pin the knot to the top of your braid with the safety pin.
Try it on as a headband, or a necklace!

Styling Tips From NYDS:
Wear with cut of shorts for a sexy, beachy look or to match your shredded tee. Save your T-scraps to make NYDS’ T-Shirt Scarf. or Shredded Tee

-Compiled by Johnie Gall

For more DIY, fashion, music, art, and ocean musings visit Foam Magazine.

Beach Blanket Bingo

Well, the time is here again. Time for beaches, cute drinks with umbrellas, and most importantly, the swimsuits. For me, this was a slightly difficult situation. I searched high and low, far and wide and after dozens of websites until I finally decided to retreat back to the old ModCloth site to see what they had to offer.
I was searching for something flattering to my shape and size and something very, of course, vintage. I was determined to find something "pin-up girl-y" and I finally did. Modcloth has everything from the classic Barbie Swimsuit to the Retro Nautical look. The have sizes xs-xl and 6-26. The best part about all of their ultra chic swimsuits? They're all affordable!
After much consideration I finally chose the one I thought was absolutely perfect and super adorable. It shall be mine tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Honey

So today I came home from a long day of school. When I pulled into my driveway I noticed many fresh haybales. Seeing the sight of such a "southern and country" thing gave me an idea. I grabbed my camera and brought along my mom for what I knew would be a great first "photoshoot" .

Shoes-Vintage (but you can find the new version here)
Blue Stone Ring & Dove Necklace-
Forever 21
Dented Ring-Vintage
Bracelets-All Hand Made

Sunday, May 9, 2010

On The Streets Of The Big Easy

So I took a trip down to the only good city in this state earlier last month. Being there is what helped me come up with the idea for my blog. All of the people on the street really inspired me so I just snapped away. In most of my pictures people gave me dirty looks and made some not so nice gestures. *p.s., people of New Orleans, learn some manners!*

My autofocus on my lens wasn't cooperating that day, so these pictures weren't that great. But hey, these people had great style so even if the quality is terrible, I will post them anyway.

The Girl Whose Style Is Bigger Than Her Hair


I'm Megan, Meganne for fancy. I'm from the not so stylish state of cajun music, cypress swamps, ever so slightly spicy food, bad hair along with grammar. For short, people call this place Louisiana. Of course, there are the select and hard to find few of us who have bigger stlye than that of our hair, and I am one of them.

I have a genuine love of style. I'm not one for high fashion, but i love anything and everything vintage. I've got a hard time finding such items because there isn't a large selection of thrift and vintage shops. However, I make do with our local Forever21 and the other few stores that our small town contains.

Now, what is my purpose for such a blog? Well, it's simple. I absolutely love stlye, as i've already stated, and I am often asked where I get my clothing, shoes, accessories, etc., and how I obtain my personal style and I plan on answering all of these questions here. Also, this blog will not be just about myself. I love the personal style and expression of others. So I plan on getting my Sartorialist on by photographing other individuals that capture my big brown eyes.

So now that you know the purpose of my blog, I'll finish by telling you that there will be much, much more to come.

Stay tuned,