Sunday, May 9, 2010

On The Streets Of The Big Easy

So I took a trip down to the only good city in this state earlier last month. Being there is what helped me come up with the idea for my blog. All of the people on the street really inspired me so I just snapped away. In most of my pictures people gave me dirty looks and made some not so nice gestures. *p.s., people of New Orleans, learn some manners!*

My autofocus on my lens wasn't cooperating that day, so these pictures weren't that great. But hey, these people had great style so even if the quality is terrible, I will post them anyway.


Eric said...

These are some Amazing pictures, it still suprises me the quality and beauty of each and every one of you pictures

Anonymous said...

If they're on the receiving end of an unsolicited photograph, they may be justified in being rude. Street photography is a tricky medium, and one wrought with etiquette, fears, and rejection, as much as spontaneity, joy, and acceptance.