Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today, I was at a local bookstore and I came across this really great magazine. Foam Magazine is fully dedicated to all things fashion, ocean, art, and music. The articles in the magazine were really cool so I decided to give the websit a bit of browsing. Here's a hella-cool DIY that I found:

If you’ve been following Foam for a while, you know we love, love, love DIYs. That’s why we are so excited about The New York Design Shop, a website that provides the step-by-steps for creating current and runway inspired projects and the materials to help you complete the DIY.
We collaborated with NYDS to bring you some beach-worthy projects and the chance to win a tote bag filled with DIY materials.

The Braided Headband Necklace

What You’ll Need:

1 Old T Shirt (We used a striped one, patterns give an extra oomph!)
1 pair of scissors
1 Safety Pin

How to Make It:

1. Gather materials. You’ll want to cut 6 12” strips of t shirt fabric and pull them to stretch out the material. Line up 3 sets of 2 strips.
2. Pinch the ends together and fasten with a safety pin.
3. Braid the three strands until you get to the end of the strips. Tie a knot.
4. Pin the knot to the top of your braid with the safety pin.
Try it on as a headband, or a necklace!

Styling Tips From NYDS:
Wear with cut of shorts for a sexy, beachy look or to match your shredded tee. Save your T-scraps to make NYDS’ T-Shirt Scarf. or Shredded Tee

-Compiled by Johnie Gall

For more DIY, fashion, music, art, and ocean musings visit Foam Magazine.

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