Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cowboys and Railroads

Today, On my way home I took a good look at this old run-down rodeo complex near my house called "Cowboy Town". For some strange reason, I grew a sprout of inspiration from it. It's so huge and colorful, I thought it'd be a nice, deserted place to get my shutter snapping on. I also noticed the railroad by my house as well. Of course, not a totally original place for pictures, but it adds a nice timey feel to it.

So after thinking a bit, my friend Andi and I set out for some belated blogging pictures. While there aren't many pictures of the actual Cowboy Town, I was able to get some really nice railroad shots. (p.s. some of the shots had to be cropped and they are my uploaded made them look totally distorted, but they're still good, right?!)

Here they are. Enjoy!

What Andi's Wearing-
Dress & Shoes-JC Pennys
Red Belt & Ring-Forever21

What I'm Wearing-
Top & Shoes-Rue21
Pencil Skirt-Express
Blue Stone Ring-Forever21
Blue Diamond Ring-Gift

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andijeannette said...

the last picture of you, and the last picture of me are my absolute favorites.